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Manage communications more seamlessly and efficiently withVoiceLink, the scalable and responsive unified communications platform which lets you manage your telephone system and integrate it with your Internet-enabled infrastructure.

VoiceLink's Top Features



Connect and manage various kinds of telephony hardware, including soft phones, using a scalable IP-PBX infrastructure.


View and manage custom reports regarding your call center performance.

Call Recording

Record, playback and backup all calls made through the VoiceLink IP-PBX system.

How VoiceLink Works

VoiceLink is a full-feature unified communications platform. It connects to the Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Internet using appropriate gateways (FXS, FXO, Trunk, IP-GSM, Analog-GSM), and distributes voice and data to hardware terminals (IP phones, analog phones, smartphones) and soft phones.
We have responsive, reliable hardware for our VoiceLink IP-PBX Solution.

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