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Engage your target audiences more efficiently and cost-effectively with TxTLink Pro, the flexible and easy to use SMS management platform which lets you market your products, services and promos, notify your customers, and so much more.

TxTLink Pro's Top Features



Use TxTLink Pro to let your target audiences know about your products and services.


Inform your customers on their latest transaction statuses or issue service advisories.

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Need a fast way to answer basic customer inquiries? Use TxTLink Pro!

How TxTLink Pro Works

TxTLink Pro is a web-based SMS platform contained in an in-house server or in the cloud, connected with a GSM gateway having active SIM cards. Incoming and outgoing SMS is handled efficiently to reach target users and customers. In addition, for in-house installations, TxTLink Pro can be connected to the business' existing IP-PBX system to maximize the use of its installed SIM cards.
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