The fastest and most feature-rich SMS solution, made even better

Do SMS broadasting and so much more with TxTLink Pro, now more dynamic and robust and 4-8x faster than TxTLink.

New Features

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Faster than ever

TxTLink Pro has been optimized to send SMS four to eight times faster than TxTLink.
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SMS Scheduling

Our improved interface makes it easier for you to create and schedule SMS for various groups, areas and much more options.
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User Profiles/Access

Manage users more flexibly using user level/access templates and groups

How TxTLink Works

TxTLink is a web-based SMS platform contained in an in-house server or in the cloud, connected with a GSM gateway having active SIM cards. Incoming and outgoing SMS is handled efficiently to reach target users and customers.
We have responsive, reliable hardware for your SMS needs

Our company boosted its sales by 150% across all our product lines after conducting SMS marketing campaigns using TxTLink. We intend to continue using this amazing solution and recommend this to others too!

Pedro Delos Reyes, President, DEF Company